Getting To Know About Tilt Trays And Its Usage


Tilt trucks are trucks that have a flatbed which can be tilted to load and unload any bulky items. You could always observe these trucks on motorways carrying heavy loads from one place to another. Towing companies usually prefer tow trucks with tilt trays as it helps them to carry heavy loads weighing several tons at one go itself. The Gecko Logistics Tilt Trays in Perth is one of the most sought-after tilt tray transportation suppliers in and around Perth. The recently published an article about the growing dependence on tilt tray trucks for transportation of heavy loads. Get to know how tilt trucks help in moving bulky loads with ease:

Easy To Load And Unload
The major plus point of tilt tray trucks is they can be easily and quickly loaded. The flatbed of the truck can be tilted, and the vehicle can be driven straight into the bed. They can also be driven onto forklift mechanisms to help them load straight into the truck. As the back portion of the trucks is wide open, the trucks can easily carry even unusual shaped objects with ease. Hence, tilt tray trucks are often the first choice when people have to carry construction or agricultural equipment or loads.

Tilt tray trucks are always worth the price you pay for its services. It is most often the best economical option to carry heavy loads. Consider driving some other vehicle to the site and think about the costs. A tilt tray truck will only cost less than that and is more convenient too. It can also transport huge loads in one trip itself. Other vehicles will have to make many trips to carry the same load itself. Hence tilt tray trucks are always the most favored choice for towing purposes and are the first option in construction or agricultural industries. Other options always cost you more money and time.

Moving Damaged Vehicles
In case a vehicle breaks down in the middle of the road, or encountered an accident; moving it from the place can be quite a task. If it is not moved quickly, it can cause traffic blocks and accidents. In such cases, a tilt tray trucks can be used to quickly lift up the cars to the tilt tray and moved on the truck and transported to any place easily. Other option like wheel lift towing may not always be possible as the vehicle might even lose some wheels in accidents.

Transport Of Expensive Loads
In case you need to transport a brand new costly car from one place to another, you will have to make sure it is transported carefully without even a scratch on the surface. The wheel-lift mechanism or boom towing mechanisms won’t help in such cases. These can cause scratches to the sides of the vehicle. A flatbed tilt tray truck can ensure that the vehicle reaches the destination untouched. It can be slowly driven up the tilt tray and safely secured on the flatbed while transporting it. If a new car is to be transported to the owner, a tilt tray truck would be the best option as it ensures that the car’s mileage doesn’t move up while transporting.

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