All About The Seat Belt Law And Its Consequential Effects

Seat Belt Law

No matter how expensive vehicle you own or whatever safety features it has, but in case of any fatal accident it’s the basic practice of putting a seatbelt on, that can save you and your co-passengers from any major injury caused. Thankfully, wearing a seatbelt has now become a usual practice world over. Let us understand the importance of wearing a seatbelt as advised by South Carolina lawyers association. Apart from the personal safety, absence of seat belt while driving is considered as a prime offense in most of the states. To know more about the penalties and legal procedure involved in such offenses, kindly visit

Benefits of wearing the seat belt are as under:
1. It is a traffic regulation in most of the countries and the road authorities strictly handle the violating individuals. You can be asked to pull aside your vehicle and charged with huge fines and penalties. Therefore, to avoid any unwanted financial burdens, it’s better to put the seat belt on every time you and your family gets into the car.

2. In instances of sudden brake applied at speed above 60 km, usually the body tends to move ahead in shock, and there is a risk of hitting onto the windshield or side glasses which can cause major fatal injuries.

3. Seat belts are designed in such a way that it tightly holds the body in driving position leaving a limited scope of movement, which avoids the driver and co-passengers banging against other car parts like steering wheel, side doors, etc. and holds you back based on the principle of gravity.

4. It could reduce the expected compensation in the situation of an accident. If the spot report of an accident indicates that the victim was not wearing the seatbelt at the time of the collision, getting the desired insurance claim and compensation becomes difficult since the individual is found to be at fault and violating the law.

5. Airbags are an added security feature now made mandatory in almost all vehicles. But its effectiveness is reduced if the person is not wearing the seat belt at the time of a collision.
The law requires the driver and the passenger to mandatory wear the seat belt. Children under the age of three should be protected using a correct child restraint. Further seat belt law is divided into two categories. The primary law under which the law enforcement officer can issue a ticket to the offender for not wearing belt although there is no other offense found. The secondary law states that a ticket can be only issued if it is accompanied with any other sited offense like speeding etc. As per the law, the driver is also responsible for ensuring any co-passenger of 17 years of age or below wears the seatbelt. The first-time offender is charged with a fine of $25, and cannot exceed above $50 in case of repetitive offense.

More than anything else life is the most precious thing, one should not take a change to risk own and their family and friends’ life while on the road. By taking a small step of wearing seatbelt always is the best precaution we all can take, rather than repenting on it at a later date.