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Author-Numismatist Miguel Chirinos' article on the 200th Anniversary of the First Republican Paper Money in Spanish America has now been posted in the General Articles section. This article first appeared in the IBNS Journal,
Vol. 50, No. 3, 2011.                   25.4.2012

Bernardo Gonzalez White just posted a new article, 'Power Bouncing' on Colombia's 1000 Pesos, in both English and Spanish.  We thank Sr. Gonzalez, who is a prolific author for this latest contribution.            22.4.2012

Have an article you want to post - please send it to Art Matz or Garry Saint.

LANSA Auction 2012,  with over 650 lots is now online. We have recently added some pictures of certain lots.

Members can submit bids by email or mailpost.  

Numismondo, our gallery site, just reached another milestone - 13,000 banknotes displayed! A special thanks to Beate Rauch of APC Paper Collectables for her help and  encouragement over the past decade.

New scans for Cuba and Argentina have been received and are being prepared for display...

Numismondo also offers Free Ads to collectors and dealers, with periodic dealer lists and collector articles when submitted.

The site has been non-commercial since it's inception in 1999 and recently began accepting donations.                    

Member César Corrales  has submitted an article on Peru banknotes from the Central Reserve Bank based on Law 13958 of 1968.

See all nine Peru articles or the
Peruvian Banknotes Central Reserve Bank of Peru in English or Spanish.

Salta Province Bonos article translated by James Cameron has just been released.

Three Argentina catalogs have just been released.

Papel Moneda de la República Argentina by Mariano Cohen.

Catalogo de Bonos de Emergencia de Argentina by Eduardo Colantonio.

Billetes de la Republica Argentina by Roberto A. Bottero. The Argentina signature charts included with this publication are outstanding.  
Available at Open Library.

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